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6 signs that a website needs a redesign

  • 12 Jan 2020
6 signs that a website needs a redesign
6 signs that a website needs a redesign

The best indication of a successful website design is an increase of average website visitors turning into highly engaged customers. After all, a person can leave the page if they do not find the information they need easily enough or if they find the website design to be annoying or inconvenient.

What are the main signs of poor design?

  1. The website is not displayed correctly on various devices.
  2. Competitors have more attractive website designs.
  3. The majority of the website’s visitors do not turn into customers.
  4. Your website is poorly performing in search engines.
  5. Website navigation is confusing, and the functionality is difficult to configure and manage.
  6. The website has not been updated for a long time and is outdated.

If you noticed that your site is showing one of the signs listed above, it may indicate that there are objective reasons for introducing a redesign and functional changes on your website.

A redesign of the website implies a change in the external components of the website and its individual elements, but also means that the changes themselves may affect the entire structure of the site and pages as a whole.

Assuming that your project has outgrown the current site, there is a need for new functionality or a change in the logic of the current elements.

We’ll talk about how you can safely and efficiently redesign your site and take your business to the next level.

What is UX?

At first glance, the term “UX design” may seem deceptively simple. At the same time, it is very vague, and if you ask different people to explain this concept to you, their answers will be very different.

At the acronym UX, many people assume is about design. However, this concept actually entails much more. UX design includes various components:

  • Information architecture
  • Interactive design
  • Usability (an indicator of the simplicity, convenience and effectiveness of a product in the eyes of users)

UX is the user’s overall impression of visiting your website, from start to finish. It is very important to incorporate UX in the first stages of creating the product, because a well-developed UX will help to create not only a logical, convenient, and useful site, but will also greatly accelerate its development.

You should have a brief understanding of UX if you have thought about at least one of the following questions:

  • How fast does my site load?
  • Does the site have a clear structure and navigation?
  • Is the site convenient to use on mobile devices?
  • Is the content clear to potential customers?
  • Why do many visitors leave the site without buying a product or service?
  • Are there extra steps I should be taking to improve my site’s usability?

A bad user experience is more likely to lose potential clients. And he or she will leave the website with a negative sentiment about your brand.

There are many alternatives options for users, so if your user experience is poor or confusing, customers will not hesitate to look elsewhere.

Starting work on a project

Useful tips that save you time and money.

Choose the right contractor

The cost of a site at any agency is the sum of the hours spent working on the development of specialists. Therefore, the contractor must write out what his assessment is based on. Demand the breakdown of work into milestones, specified by the cost and deadline of each milestone. You can also agree to pay for each milestone separately based on the results.

Control the development process

Specify a work plan in advance. For example, after the end of one milestone and before the start of the next, ask to be presented with a report on the work done so that you can see the results of the work. Without your approval of the results of the previous milestone, the team of specialists cannot proceed to the next. This cooperation scheme allows you to monitor the work of the agency.

Specify how many design revisions there will be, at what stages, how the project will be tested, and the conditions for support of your site by the agency after the release. It is considered good practice to provide four revisions of the design of the main page, a product testing cycle at the final stage of development before release, and after the launch of the site.

Why you should pay attention to WordPress

WordPress is rightfully considered one of the best and certainly the most popular design platform in the world. For its usability, security, and versatility, it is a leader among all existing CMS.

WordPress Benefits:


If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you should not worry about WordPress. You can successfully create and publish your own content! The site will be easy to manage.


This is an opportunity to build different CMS services using plugins, and they are almost always free. WordPress also has no equal: there are tens of thousands of plug-ins, they have an excellent rating system, and they are installed in just a few clicks.

Inexpensive development

A large community of WordPress specialists agree that the simplicity and functionality of the service lead to the fact that both development and subsequent refinement of the project are very inexpensive.


Site security is guaranteed by regular updates to WordPress, as well as to its themes and plugins. Although the WordPress update does not speed up the site in any noticeable way, developers often optimize the code in updates. This leads the site to become more efficient. Requests are processed faster, and as a result we get an increase in speed.

In addition, developers release vulnerability fixes in updates that increase site security.

SEO friendly

After installing the appropriate plug-ins, the control system turns into a perfectly optimized system. This contains friendly URL structure, a sitemap, auto-generated meta tags, and the possibility of convenient manual editing without duplicate pages in just a couple of clicks. As a result, you can significantly save on SEO-optimization.


SEO means search engine optimization, or the ability of a website to attract relevant traffic from organic searches. The more potential customers that visit your site, the more conversions you will get.

Search engine optimization begins at the stage of creating the website concept. This is because website architecture, page structure, and technology stack can have a critical effect on SEO. As practice shows, correcting mistakes made at the initial stages is more difficult and more expensive in later stages of website development. Therefore, a professional web agency tries to take SEO factors into account from the very beginning. Many errors can be corrected during the redesign, which will improve internal optimization.

On-page SEO

Competitors’ actions, changes in user behavior, and obtaining information from analytical tools often requires improvements to the pages.
On-page SEO includes content optimization, improving UX pages, optimizing meta tags, optimizing internal links, and website structure.
The technical SEO of the website is also important. The use of special tags, adaptation to mobile devices, and improving page loading speed are critical to improve the website’s ranking.

Off-page SEO

After on-page SEO, you can use off-page optimization, which includes various techniques.
Link building can boost your site’s position in SERPs. Also, links are a source of additional referral traffic.
SEO specialists use posting articles on other websites (guest blogging) as reputation management.
If you use SEO techniques incorrectly, then the site may suffer. Search engines use sanctions to remove pages from the index. Therefore, it is important to entrust website SEO to professionals.


Marketing is an important component of online business success. Here are a few basic marketing features to help you achieve your business goals.

Create a marketing strategy

A marketing strategy allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors as well as make a business promotion plan. This is the basis for further actions to attract customers.

Target Audience research

Marketers use a wide range of methods and tools to determine the target audience, as well as their needs and pains. Research helps to understand how you will attract visitors to the website and turn them into customers.

Conversion marketing

The main goal of conversion marketing is to increase the number of actions on the site. This can be a purchase, a phone call, a file download, or a video view.
The marketer creates an effective way for the visitor to get from the page title to the desired destination on the site.
Marketers also plan promotions, events, sales and other actions to significantly increase conversions.

Analytics tools

Visitors leave a large amount of interesting data that can be used to improve the website. You also need to measure the effectiveness of website promotions.
Marketers use special tools to collect and process information, and then use this data to generate reports.

Website promotion

In addition to search engine optimization, there are other channels for promoting the website and attracting visitors.
Content marketing is an effective technique for promoting a site using content. Interesting and useful articles, infographics, and videos attract more visitors.
Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides a stream of customers from social media.
Paid online advertising also remains an effective way to attract customers.


If you have weighed the pros and cons, and made up your mind to redesign your site, then before starting work it is very important not only to choose a good contractor, but also to have at least a superficial knowledge in UX, SEO, and Internet marketing. If anything, this will allow you to be able to convey your needs to the contractor and monitor the results. These are the main issues we have considered in this article and we hope that the material presented will help you not only to save your time and money, but also to help you bring your business to the next level.

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