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We Provide Exceptional Strategy, Design And Technology To Create Innovative And High-Value Software.

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We offer modern web services.

Custom web development offers options for businesses who seek to provide a flexible, consistent experience for users across platforms. Leveraging new approaches to web development including progressive web apps, we bring front-end, back-end and architecture ability together to deliver on your business need and maximize delivery speed.


Complete teams

Experienced teams of backend and frontend developers

Business-tailored architecture

Applications based on monolithic architecture or microservices

Responsive web development

Responsive interfaces created according to the best RWD practices

Scalability & security

DevOps engineers building secure and scalable server infrastructure

Awesome designs

Beautiful web designs of award-winning graphic designers

Thorough quality assurance

Experienced QA specialists providing manual and automated tests

Our approach

Web development done right

Web development is the core of our business. For more than 6 years, we’ve been employing the best backend and frontend developers. Supervised by heads of technologies, they excel in building modern and future-proof web apps – tailored to the needs of end users, designed to reach your business goals.

We're one of the very best web development companies in the US. It's reflected in the opinion of our clients whose reviews allowed us to receive the maximum 5 star rating on Clutch.co. They especially appreciate our holistic approach: from business analysis and UX/UI design to software development and further maintenance.

One of the greatest strengths of Sinetech Technologies are the people who make up our web development team. Who hire only the most experienced web developers – programmers who not only perform the tasks they're told to, but also come up with their own ideas. We always think of your web application as a whole, seeing the big picture.

When it comes to web development technologies, we're very picky – not like other companies which try to offer web services based on every existing programming language. Instead of that, we aim for a few most important frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, Node.js , React, Angular and Vue.js. An in those, we are word-class experts.

We're also not the kind of software company which develops numerous look-alike platforms based on the same template. At Sinetech Technologies IT, we offer true custom web development, developing projects of various kinds: fintech, big data, security, marketing, e-commerce... And our software solutions are tailored to the specific business needs.


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Custom Built Websites

We hand-code custom websites that feature unlimited functionality, flexibility, search engine optimization, and security to meet all your requirements. These custom webs`ites do not use CMS “Content Management Systems”. We can build custom websites with many programming languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python Django, NodeJS, SQL, Java, ASP.NET, HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.



When working with us, you can expect more

Our development process is based on agile methodologies like Scrum. With regular project updates, live demos and the best communication tools, we make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.
We’re proud of our technology stack. Instead of covering every framework possible, we excel in technologies which are truly battle-tested: Symfony, Laravel, Node.js, React, Angular, Vue.js, iOS and Android.
Every software house can provide you with frontend and backend development. But we do more than that! Our independent DevOps unit takes care of server architecture – making it stable, secure and scalable.
We know that quality assurance is an important part of the development process. This is why, apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones – using our custom testing framework.

our Expertise

Content Management system

We build custom websites over Content Management System such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify and more.

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    October CMS

Sinetech Technologies is a full-fledged WordPress website design and development company with over 5 years of experience in building websites that bring traffic, eye-balls and conversion. We build, scale and maintain high-scale WordPress platforms that focus on the user interface, user-friendliness and user experience. Our solutions don’t only work’, they work ‘wonders’ for your sales and conversions.

Magento, with all the powerful features and functionalities it has to offer, is regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms. We bring high-quality web design and development services based on Magento, Sinetech Technologies developers create customized solutions that cater to diverse requirements. We offer Custom Module Development, Magento Store Development, Magento App Development, Magento Theme Customization and development.

Sinetech Technologies is a certified Shopify Plus partner backed by a team of experienced Shopify developers. Be it Shopify theme customization, API integration, app or Shopify website design and development we have you covered. We’ve worked with more than 500+ clients based out of New York (NYC), San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LA), Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Huntsville, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Germany, Dubai, Australia, Singapore and many more.

Sinetech Technologies has worked with the majority of well-known CMS systems. During the last few years, however, we have been recommending OctoberCMS as the optimal CMS choice for most of our customers, especially for those who value performance, usability, efficiency and security.

Work proccess

How it works

Our simple working proccess is very easy. This is the explanation of our working proccess.


After understanding all of your need our UI UX team will start designing your project.


After you approve our design our team will start to develop and build your project.


After we finish building your project we'll help you to lanuch your project and we will provide you the best customer service and support.


one step ahead to launch your idea

let's build and launch together

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